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Childhood Memories Keychain l Metal Enamel

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Childhood Memories

White rabbit candy
It is 6.5g childhood sweet memory! Remember the sticky milk candy wrapped in a thin edible paper-like blue and white wrapping? Yeah~ it is White Rabbit Sweet Candy! Still remember the person who share the candy with you when childhood? And who is the person you want to share with the candy now?


Game for no age limit! As long as there is a piece of chalk or branch, you can create a Hopscotch that can be played with your childhood playmate or alone. Still remember the sweat of jumping and the laughter of happiness?

Paper plane
The paper airplane is a basic game of childhood, start with a flat ordinary piece of paper and transform it into three dimensional paper airplane, make impossible became possible, throw it into the air as far as you can, let the paper plane fly as high as your dream come true!

Gem Biscuit
Fancy Gem biscuit are petite biscuits with swirl of colored sugar icing on top that brings many fond memories for people around the world. Whether you enjoy these biscuits icing first or biscuit first or both together, these fancy gem are addicting for every child.

Lucky star
Luck is believing you’re lucky and dare to dream big, dreams have no limits, take a small step every day, you can be the brighter star in the darkest night.

May the lucky always be with you.

Measurements & Specifications

Size of charm: (H) 2.5cm x (W) 1.2cm
Material: Charm - Classic Handmade Metal Enamel
Colour: tassel random

All artworks are original created by Missbanana Doodle