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Heng Ong Huat Surprise Box

RM 18.00

1 Surprise Box contain 1 design acrylic pin.

Total 6 Acrylic Pin Design + 1 Hidden Edition

The production ratio of the hidden edition is 1/24, mean, 1 out of every 24 surprise boxs is a hidden design.

6 design included

興 Heng ah

- Thrive (To be fortunate)

旺 Ong lai

- Flourish (Abundance luck)

發 Huat lah

- Prosper (Money come)

喜 Sibeh suka

- Good things happen

樂 Hua hee

- Joyful and happiness

順 Hoseh liao

-Everything goes excellent

Hidden design

- 元宝 with 3 different local language word  "钱 DUIT MONEY", background is brown colour mean 土生金,wish all the money follow you.

Measurements & Specifications

Box Size: (H) 7cm x (W) 5cm x (T) 3cm

Acrylic Pin Size: (H) 3.5cm x (W) 3cm

Material: Premium doubleside printed acrylic

All artworks are original created by Missbanana Doodle