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Taboos Motivation Magnet Set l Miss Time

RM 43.90

1set 6 pieces, only classical green and red available, random color in set.

The motivation word below

1)宜:持籌握算    忌 :月光光
2)宜:世界很大我想去看看    忌 :躲在小角落憤世嫉俗
3)宜:吃得是福    忌 :暴飲暴食
4)宜:紅鸞星動  忌 :桃花泛濫
5)宜:財源滾滾  忌 :錢不夠用
6)宜:吃喝玩樂睡  忌 :怒躁悲哀沮 

* Will post by Pos Malaysia, envelope register mail, arrived approximately 1-3 days, with tracking number.  

Measurement and specifications
Each magnet size: (H) 6.5 cm x (width) 2.5 cm
Material: rubber magnet

All artworks are original created by Missbanana Doodle