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Rojak One Dozen Series Postcard l Local Language

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Rojak One Dozen Series Postcard

Its Malaysia local language, a unique language came from different races and different cultures, mix with Chinese, Malay, English, Hokkien and Cantonese, most common use in every conversation by Malaysian.

你好料 - literally mean you are awesome, but the tone sound bitter and sarcastic.

漏风 - use to describe food damp or flat tire.

做么 - mean why, use to express curiosity.

Sibeh 顯 - use to emphasis very or extremely boring.

Bojio - literally mean never invite, when your friend hang out without inviting you to join.

Beh tahan - is a combination of hokkien and malay language, mean cannot bear with it.

喝什么水 - literally mean what water you want? In Malaysia context, water = drinks

酱够力 - literally mean enough strength, use as exclamation of amazement,wonder and shock.

Walau eh - use at the beginning of a sentence as exclamation of amazement, similar to what the hell or OMG.

Hang 机 - literally mean computer or hand-phone is cease to respond to inputs.

Cincai la - casually, simply, doing things as one pleases, use it when you are lazy to think.

按钱 - direct translation mean press money from ATM machine, proper English should be to withdraw money.

Measurements & Specifications

Size: (H) 15cm x (W) 10.5cm

*size for each card.

Material: 270g Ivory card

All artworks are original created by Missbanana Doodle