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Small Pouch l Rojak One Dozen Series l Local Language

RM 26.00

The local often use language presented in funny and naughty way printed on small pouch for you to keep your coins, sanitary, USB cable, keys, tissue, receipts, cards and so on little items nicely in a proper arrangement.

This small pouch sew with inner lining and hemming durable to keep you thing safe, yellow and red colour impress your eyes, black colour and image word heat your heart.

“ 做末 ” mean why, use to express curiosity. Toilet paper wan hug shit, shit very scare and ask toilet paper "what you want to do?"

“ 荷包蛋 ”  always speak as " Hor Bao Dan ", what a lovely food~

“ 没蕉 ” is a funny ironic about the direct translate of Bojio, mean no banana.

“ 翻白眼 ” always speak as " Rolling eyes up ", is a action to show the powerlessness about someone or something.

“ 随便 ” always speak as " cincai la ", casually, simply, doing things as one pleases, use it when you are lazy to think.

“ 漏风 ” - money always like a wind blow and fart, can't hold it tide.

“ 看开点 ” always speak as " see open a bit la ", but for the normal public, we must use " take it easy ".

" 發 " always speak as " Huat ", that is everyone dream wish.

Measurements & Specifications

Size: (H) 9cm x (W) 12cm

Material: cotton canvas, inner lining and hemming

Printing: silk screen on cotton canvas

All artworks are original created by Missbanana Doodle