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Pink Poop Masterpiece Journey l Series Ceramic Coaster-03

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Pink Poop Masterpiece Journey l Adaptations from-The Scream_Edvard Munch

The pink poop masterpiece series was painted again during the past two years of the pandemic, stayed at home, faced with the life trivial and ever-changing world.
Through the pink poop bring out the current mood every time face difficulties and depressions, use humor to resolve all kinds of bad sentiment, steal fun in a serious world, hide into it.
The world is messy, but we can continue to stick to our attitude towards life and live as a beam of light that only shines on ourselves.

Measurements & Specifications
Material:Frosted ceramic coaster, can absorb water and dry quickly, bottom is cork, anti-skid
Dimensions: circle diameter 10 cm x thickness 0.7 cm (with box)

All artworks are original created by Missbanana Doodle