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Canvas Bag l Rojak One Dozen Series l Local Language

RM 38.00

Very local common use word in daily conversation, 100% pure original cotton canvas bag, no bleach, hard and strong enough to carry your heavy stuff!

“ 随便 ”  always speak as " Cincai la ", often use as reply when people ask what you want to eat.

“ 廢 ” inside is " 發 ”...

" 發 " always speak as " Huat ", that is everyone dream wish.

“ 翻白眼 ” mean rolling eyes up, is a action to show the powerlessness about someone or something.

“ 荷包蛋 ” always speak as " Hor Bao Dan ", what a lovely food~

“ 没蕉 ” (abnormal version) is a funny ironic about the direct translate of Bojio, mean no banana.

“ 没叫 ” (normal version) mean Bojio in standard Chinese.

Measurements & Specifications

Size: (H) 40cm x (W) 35cm with 22cm handle

Material: 12oz cotton canvas

Printing: silk screen on canvas

All artworks are original created by Missbanana Doodle